Tanjung Rhu Resort – JivaRhu

Inside JivaRhu

The Wellness’ open, airy, and stylish design is in harmony with the natural beauty of the resort. JivaRhu consists of 12 independent villas in 3 acres of wonderfully landscaped gardens that offer breathtaking views of the sea and the pool. The entire village has been carefully designed to offer a tranquil and natural setting. Latticed woodwork roofs in the foyer and pathways enable the sunshine to illuminate JivaRhu naturally during the day. And in the evening, an unhindered view of the night sky provides a romantic ambience.

The garden that adorns the Wellness is a burst of colour and scents of the natural foliage. The Wellness is also visited by birds (they can be heard chirping overhead all day — a testament to the fact that it’s a welcome haven for them as well. At the greeting pavilion, guests are provided a health drink whilst the masseuse prepares you for the pampering experience you have chosen.

Guests can select from 12 treatment villas: 8 single and 4 double (for couples or friends who wish to experience the treatments together). And that’s not all. Every room has its own personality — from the special ‘natural’ ambient sound effects to the gentle aromatherapy scent created from the essence of island spices, herbs and tropical flowers to relax and calm your senses.

This is a prelude to the wonderfully invigorating massage treatments that include the Aromatherapy Massage, Ancient Thai Massage, and the Traditional Massage that incorporates Malaysian and Indonesian methods.

Body Wraps are also available, enveloping you in a warm and cocoon-like experience to eliminate excess toxins and fluids, nourish the skin, and leave you with an all-over afterglow. Another favourite Eastern tradition is the Foot Reflexology, an age-old treatment proven to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, thereby relieving tension throughout the body.

The treatment villas are fabulously intimate open-air enclaves with their own private garden, complete with an outdoor steam room, sauna, showers, and outdoor jacuzzi. Together with the expert touch of the professional masseuse, the JivaRhu Wellness experience is so finely tuned that all your senses will feel truly liberated.

Should you want vanity treatments, there’s a wide range available, ranging from facial treatments to manicures and pedicures. If an adrenaline rush is more your fancy, then the fully equipped gym at the Wellness comes with a view of the pool and the sea.

Up above the gym is the open-air yoga area. This is an area with no walls or ceiling. Guests practise these two restorative exercises surrounded by the treetops, gentle breezes, and a view of the ocean, creating a rare environment of harmonious balance between man and nature. JivaRhu’s unique blend of services can be enjoyed individually or through a package that synergises several treatments into one experience. And you don’t have to wait for another trip to tune your senses to the JivaRhu experience. There are also special blends available for sale here. JivaRhu is 3 acres of pure delight. Inside and out, it is a celebration of the evolution of the wellness experience. With this one-of-a-kind wellness experience, the resort has truly created a masterpiece.

JivaRhu Wellness

The Wellness’ name comes from the Sanskrit word Jiva, which means Life. It has been so carefully designed — both literally as well as figuratively — that the Spa ‘lifestyle’ experience enters a whole new dimension. Tanjung Rhu’s imaginative response to today’s spa needs sets a new benchmark by offering specially-developed techniques, rather than to be a follower of the industry standard. It brings together the best purifying and revitalising treatments from Eastern traditions that date back to thousands of years, incorporating it with its own special blends. These treatments have been derived and influenced from the Malay Archipelago: Thai, Malay, Ayurvedic, and Indonesian (Balinese). Also available are reflexology and other fusion massages like Rainforest and Aromatherapy.