JivaRhu Wellness & Beauty Retreat

Inside JivaRhu

Jiva means ‘life’ in Sanskrit and at the JivaRhu Wellness & Beauty Retreat, it is about life in total wellness of body, mind and soul. A specially tailored selection of healing treatments and therapies along with treatment for body, face, head, hands and feet in a tranquil, meditative environment awaits you. Our healing recipes are formulated on age-old Asian and Eastern traditions. Indeed, JivaRhu has taken the best of Malay, Thai, Chinese, Indonesia and Indian healing culture and combined those therapies with its own signature treatment blends to bring you indigenous healing. JivaRhu’s luxurious offerings of wellness treatments are made more enjoyable and efficacious by its select team of trained and skillful therapist. Under their adept hands, your entire being and sense will experience total rejuvenation.