Why I Want To Visit Langkawi Island For My Holidays

Planning to visit a place in upcoming Easter or spring holidays?

Need a new and unique destination to make holidays memorable?

Then why not to plan a trip to Malaysia?

There are a number of beautiful islands present in the country and off these Langkawi is the wonderful place to consider spend holidays.

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Where is it Located?

The island is located in western Peninsular Malaysia. The northern archipelago consists of the main Langkawi island and many other surrounded islands.

Located on the border of Thailand with 90% Malai population the island is one of the best places to visit and spend your holidays.

Reason for Attraction

The island is surrounded by the fascinating beaches, jungle, and awesome sightseeing. A number of accomplishments are present from the normal living areas to five-star resorts. You can choose according to budget and the taste. Alongside the beaches, you will find following nearby areas which you will definitely love to see as well as capture the moments in the camera eye. These are

Cable Car

Bird Park


Dataran Helang




Taman Legenda


Payar Island


Rumai Banai


Taman Buaya


Underwater World


Telaga Tujuh


Yacht Club 


Koah Town at Langkawi Island

Going to Langkawi island than don’t visit the small relaxing town with the name Koah.

The atmosphere is cool and calm so that you will feel relax and forget about all your tensions. The duty-free station is best place to buy the things you loved.

Purchase things from there to gift to your loved ones. Although no big malls, restaurants and no heavy traffic are present yet the climate is so appealing that you must not miss the chance to visit the Koah town at Langkawi island.

Rainforest and Wildlife

The Langkawi’s is surrounded by the mountains with dense green forests. The view is so fabulous that you feel fresh and the chirping birds in the soothing environment definitely provide you the relaxing effect.

Boat towards the Kilim Karst Geoforest park and you will get a chance to see the huge pythons and bonnet macaques. There are wonderful bat colonies hanging on trees.

You will be definitely inspired of the natural views present at that location.

Warm Water to Swim

Crazy to do swimming than the Langkawi island seashore is the best option to swim and refresh yourself.

The ocean temperature is between 28 to 30 degrees centigrade that is an ideal to take warm bath.

The best temperature to perform the excellent exercise you will get there on the island.

Enjoy Cable Car


For the entertainment of the tourists, the Langkawi tourism association has arranged a cable car on these mountains. You can enjoy the popular panoramas of the island from the height and it will definitely amaze you.

On clear days you can sea the Thailand coastline. At the top, you will cross the sky bridge about 125 meters long during your ride.

Seems interesting to visit the amazing island in Malaysia? Then why not to arrange a tour with family to visit the beautiful place in the World. You will find a lot of other stuff too to enjoy the trip.